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3/12/2009 – Jane and Roman at Dekalb County Board of Commissioners Meeting

Letter to Dekalb County CEO: To: CEO Dekalb , County 03/12/2009 Board Commissioners of Dekalb County Chief attorney of Dekalb County I am Jane Delovsky, an investor in Atlanta Georgetown Condominium Association. Several times I tried to get the attention of the CEO and Board Commissioners regarding corruption in Dekalb County involving Atlanta Georgetown Condominium Association, Heritage Property Management Services, Parkside Management Company, Law Enforcement Police, Code Enforcement Police, Permit and Inspection Department and some Judges in Dekalb County. As an investor I am paying a lot of money to the County and expecting to be protected by the public officials in such difficult time when millions of Americans lost their homes and jobs. Today I want to give some examples: Code Enforcement Police is covering up Atlanta Georgetown Condominium Association, important documents disappeared from cases, almost constantly they serve the warnings and citations to the wrong parties, in the Court they covered up the real issues of warnings and citations (Case 3091Colonial Way L-3). They refused to file the written complaints and give case numbers many times and ignored to do anything for many month. Manager of Dekalb Code Enforcement is aware of everything, but never answer. Code Enforcement failed to report Permit and Inspection Department about citations given to Association or their contractors, which is against the Rules. Association and their contractors many years

English Conference: Medical Writing

John Smieska, a Physician Assistant, explains the structure and importance of the SOAP note and SBAR formats, for medical communication and record keeping.

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