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Agel Cash Flow – ERIC WORRY

agelworkathome.blogspot.com ageltrabajoencasa.blogspot.com Randy Gage and Eric Worre partnered with Agel Enterprises introduce an educational value-based MLM prospecting system which is teaching people about cashflow with ‘Agel Cashflow Classes’ Where most MLM companies and teams are still busy pitching their business opportunity to the masses or figuring out how to build the business online, Randy Gage and Eric Worre of Agel Enterprises have taken the best of both of these concepts to create a new educational system which is teaching prospects about cash flow with both on and offline cashflow tools. Randy Gage a Network Marketing leader and prosperity guru, famous for his MLM training systems has used his experience to create business tools with an educational foundation using the Rich Dad, Kiyosaki concept of creating cashflow. With a focus on introducing more people to the Network Marketing model and expanding the Randy Gage Team at Agel Enterprises the team has recently released a complete MLM system comprised of two education dvds and a cashflow worksheet which are available both as hard copies for cashflow classes, and online for virtual cashflow classes. As Agel expands globally into over 50 countries it is essential in this new economy not only to introduce people to a business model that may be completely new to them but to also educate them as to why this business model is effective. Robert Kiyosaki and the Rich Dad books have done amazing things for the
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A 34 year veteran contributor produce manager employee of Acme Markets Inc. is fired for using a .00 pair of reading glasses to achieve Acme Markets’ inventory deadline. The dishonest firing manager irresponsibly cites an employee buying policy rule and will not account for the real reasons the machine like private sector giant benefits from the heinous treatment of this human veteran contributor, Mr. Bob Martucci. The reporter writing about the Private Sector unaccountable Employee Victimization softens the quality of life destroying nature of these kinds of normal private sector business practices by putting an economic crisis spin on the headline. PRIVATE SECTOR COMMUNITY BASED BUSINESSES PERVERT HEALTHY CAPITALISM PRINCIPALS BY SYSTEMIZING VICTIMIZATION OF VETERAN EMPLOYEE CONTRIBUTORS. Originally birthed in the sound principals of true capitalism, private community based businesses have grown swollen and arrogant, having consumed not only the dollars of the communities they populate all across America, but the real flesh and blood career product contributions of American workers. The steps federal government has taken to announce policies, ie, EEO, with the intent of embedding fairness for employees are easily side-stepped by dishonest private sector managers who seek to lop off the more experienced, higher paid, need their medical coverage benefits, head of household, veteran employee contributor, in favor of hoarding profits. Media is also big business and
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