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As Europe shoots more “easy money,” blanks at the Depression, Americans reach for real bullets

Follow us @ twitter.com twitter.com Welcome to Capital Account. US unemployment, which remains unchanged at 8.3 percent, is being touted as “sturdy” by the mainstream media. Yet more than half of those jobs are deemed “low paying work” by analysts, and more than half of professional services jobs added are “temporary.” Analyst david Ader of CRT quoted by ZeroHedge notes that about 160 thousand of those private sector jobs are low paying work. And per the BLS, of the 82000 professional and business services jobs added, more than half – 45000 – were temporary. Is this so–called recovery built on McDonald’s big mac’s and piecemeal work? Maybe, but there is at least one industry in america that is raking in the dough: Guns. Gun-maker Smith and Wesson’s stock was up 23 percent this morning near three-year highs. This is after the gun maker reportedly hiked its full-yaer sales forecast on a higher order backlog, stron demand for guns and rifles. Are temporary workers preparing of the worst: the zombie apocalypse? Meahwhile, the US deficit is expected to have hit a “record” all–time high in February. That’s a record high as in all–time, in the history of the US. Does that phase you? What kind of a recovery runs record fiscal deficits? We’ll take a break from the eurozone crisis and talk about the US with our first guest, Karl Denninger of Market Ticker. But not a break entirely. After all, the fictional Greek bailout continues, and with it the latest wranglings on the PSI
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