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Career Factor Workshop: IT Resume and CV Writing

Heather Ackmann from TrainSignal presents her IT Resume and CV Writing session to the Career Factor cast. In this workshop, she reviews real life resumes of our 8 cast members and demonstrates best practices and techniques. This is just one video that’s available on the Microsoft Certified Career Conference Virtual Event Platform(www.mscareerconference.com). You can find hours of on-demand content on certification preparation, career development, and discussions on IT topics, as well as access to ongoing, live presentations at no cost. Register for free at http Career Factor is Microsoft’s online reality show, supporting 8 individuals with their IT careers through resources from Microsoft and its partners. Follow the show at www.thecareerfactor.com Heather Ackmann has an eclectic background; specializing in computer applications, writing, and literature, she has taught thousands of high school, college, and adult students alike. Currently, Heather Ackmann is an Applications Instructor for Train Signal, Inc (http Her courses include Access 2007 Training, Access 2010 Training, PowerPoint 2007 Training, PowerPoint 2010 Training, and Outlook 2010 Training. You can view clips from Heather’s training courses on Train Signal’s YouTube channels, TrainSignalOffice (www.youtube.com and TrainSignalInc (www.youtube.com and can connect with Heather on Twitter (twitter.com and through her personal website (heatherackmann.com For almost a decade, Train Signal has provided exceptional

How to write a cover letter for a resume. Write a Ruthlessly Professional Resume at www.ruthlessresume.com – Professional Career Coach, Unre Visagie and team shows you how to write a cover letter and resume that gets you the job you want. http In this coaching video, professional career coach Unre Visagie answers the following cover letter questions: – What’s the real purpose of a cover letter? – What exactly should I put in my cover letter, and what should I leave out? – How should I format my cover letter? – What are the worst cover letter mistakes? – How do I handle sticky situations in my cover letter, like for example getting fired? – Are there ways to increase the impact of my cover letter? Leave your questions in the comments below, we answer ALL questions asap.
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