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Cop’s Are Crook’s Here’s Proof

You see I have a wound from my chest to below my belly button. I was just home from the hospital after being assaulted by a Coral Springs Policemen. I had called the police to my home because I heard my neighbor screaming for her life right outside my door. Her boyfriend was Assaulting her as I opened the door. He just that second through her to the floor and barged thru my door and me. He punched my nose and also spilled his wallet on my floor. He picked up most of his stuff but left behind evidence with his name on it. I called the police & they came out. The women tried to press charges and so did I. I gave the police the evidence and you could see my nose was punched in good. The police refused to allow either of us to press charges- being He’s an xcop. The police refuse to let either of us press charges because he’s an xcop… The police and paramedics refuse to help us. I was so shocked I began to film what was happening w/my iPhone. I posted video evidence showing the police and paramedics, refusing to give me emergency medical assistance. The video shows the police and paramedics placing their hands over the video camera instructing me to shut it off. They refused to help. They forced me to shut my camera off. I did as they asked and placed it in my pocket. After my hands were free An officer quickly grabbed my hands & cuffed them behind my back. The officer assaulted me rupturing my spleen in 2 places. He did this while saying “don’t play hero in his town”. He
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