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Inside Tip To Find Freelance Writing Jobs With No Competition

sixfigurewriter.net. This is a pretty cool tip that relies on Google alerts to let you know whenever somebody makes a new post in a forum anywhere indicating that they’re looking for a freelance writer, or any other kind of writer. You can set it up so Google will notify you as soon as these posts get indexed. You just head on over, respond to their post, and point people to your portfolio. Just think of some phrases that people would likely use if they’re looking for freelance writers, such as “I need a writer” “Where can I find a freelance writer?” “Does anybody know any good freelancers? The more you can think of, the better. Obviously, this works for ANY kind of freelance work, so be creative! It’s a great way to respond quickly to opportunities. For more info, head on over to my site, sixfigurewriter.net and download my free ebook. Thanks!
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