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Long Term Relationships With Freelance Clients

Detailed Blog Post on this Topic – vikramluvs2freelance.blogspot.in My Article on EzineArticles on this Topic – ezinearticles.com My Elance Profile – www.elance.com In this video, I have taken up the issue of maintaining long term relationships with freelance clients and its repercussions thereof. And contrary to what you might be thinking, I do not strictly recommend maintaining long term relationships at all times…surprise, surprise! Rather, what I recommend – based on my own experience, is that as a savvy freelancer, you must have the intuitive ability to work for – as well as fire freelance clients, at will. Essentially, you must NOT work with a notion that you are in anyway wedded to your clients, or somehow feel supremely obliged to them, to continue a working relationship at any cost. Remember that is not the way things work. Between your client and you, there is strictly a professional [unless you have something, ahem, going between the two of you! ;) ] and a mutually beneficial relationship. As long as things are proving to be fruitful for the two of you in every possible way, you are under no obligation to continue working for that client. Situations that you particularly need to evaluate or think about are (at all times): 1. Are you getting your time and effort’s worth with this particular client? 2. Does this client really have a constant flow of work for you? 3. Does the client maintain a professional yet friendly demeanor? These are all things that you
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