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The Greatest Speech Ever Made

The creator of this video is in desperate need of assistance. If you have been inspired or moved by this mash up and would like to help a young, struggling self-taught filmmaker stay afloat please consider following the link to the paypal account and donating anything you can. Thank you. -12/28/2012 thelakeysisters.tumblr.com If you know of someone who is hiring who will pay for freelance video editing) please send me a message ASAP. (Translations below) Albanian – www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Amharic – www.youtube.com Arabic – www.youtube.com Bosnian- www.youtube.com Bulgarian – www.youtube.com Chinese – www.youtube.com Croatian – www.youtube.com Czech – youtu.be Danish – www.youtube.com Dutch – www.youtube.com Estonian – www.youtube.com Filipino – www.youtube.com Finnish – www.youtube.com French – www.youtube.com Georgian – www.youtube.com German – www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Greek – www.youtube.com Hebrew – www.youtube.com Hindi – www.youtube.com Hungarian – www.youtube.com Italian – www.youtube.com Japanese – www.youtube.com Korean – www.youtube.com Latvian- www.youtube.com Lithuanian – www.youtube.com Macedonian – youtu.be Polish – www.youtube.com Portuguese – www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Romanian – www.youtube.com Russian – www.youtube.com Serbian – www.youtube.com Slovenian – www.youtube.com Spanish – www.youtube.com Thai – www.youtube.com Turkish – www.youtube.com Vietnamese – www.youtube.com *If you have a version of this video with
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