Amisbro’s Late Nite Shift: 9-6-2010

Amisbro's Late Nite Shift: 9-6-2010

Ok so I think I said it was the 5th in the video…MY BAD! required viewing: Lukemorse1 – XBOX 360 repair video FritoFredrik – NES Trash Find :D Crooow111′s narox style driving video(Camcorder test) So tonight was some basic rambling. Talked about the crazy 100 point total two college football teams put up in the game, relived the day when I stayed up till 6 AM to play a Sega Saturn game and some other assorted randomness that I will leave it to you to have a listen to and watch this video! My name is Amisbro and welcome to my Late Nite Shift
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