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Easiest Way To Fix Red Ring Of Death Without Opening Xbox 360 / Towel Trick

PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU ASK A QUESTION!!! HERES A LINK TO ALL THE RROD ERRORS AND WHAT THEY MEAN AND POSSIBLE SOULOUTIONS! : adf.ly PLEASE TAKE NOTE THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARY!! THE LONGEST IT WORKED FOR ME WAS 2+weeks…THAT WAS THEN LONG ENOUGH FOR ME TO BUY A NEW XBOX 360 ELITE… QUESTIONS BELOW: So why does this work? I discovered this when i was fiddling around with the xbox, i believe this works because the X clamps on the back are not tight enough, and when you apply pressure on the back of the xbox it places the clamps back into the correct position. It does not work? (read further for SUPERGEEKS METHOD) Make sure that you are placing your hands in the CENTRE of the xbox not the side(s). Also make sure that you are appliying enough pressure (not to much to break through the xbox, but enough that you can feel the case bend). IMPORTANT: IF YOU ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH, PLEASE DO NOT STAND ON YOUR XBOX! Instead try to use your knee or elbow… you may break your xbox if you stand on it and i do not take responsibility if you do. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT THANKS! ALTERNATIVE IF THIS METHOD ALONE DOESNT WORK! youtube.com/SuperGeekNo1 Method: The Towel Trick 1. Set two think towels 2. Disconnection all cables, HDD, MU etc… except the power cable. 3. Turn on the Xbox, (you will see 4 red rings but that’s normal as the AV cable isn’t plugged in) 4. Place the Xbox fully on the edge of the towel and wrap it fully nice and tight, if you have another towel repeat step
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