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Game review: 'The Walking Dead'

Game review: 'The Walking Dead'
“The Walking Dead” is a decision-based game that is more focused on actions and emotions than the typical first-person shooter. It is available for platforms such as iOS, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and has five episodes …
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Oculus Rift is virtual reality that won't make you barf (hands-on preview)
When I moved my head, the images changed rapidly enough to match what I would see if I turned my head in normal life. I walked … Future improvements will fix the effect, Iribe said. The screen … I controlled everything with an Xbox 360 controller …
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Don't blame the video games
The fact is that violent games are the norm, I have to have my kids shield their eyes from the TV when a "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" promo plays on a commercial during a football game, and regularly ad spots feature gun violence. Unreal how anyone could …
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