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Xbox 360 Repair Guide – The Original 3 Red Light Fix Guide!

  • Are you are looking for Xbox 360 Repair Guide which really works?
  • Do you want a easy solution to fix your Xbox 360 because you are not very techincal?
  • Are you tired of using s0 called tips and looking for real solution to repair Xbox 360?
  • Do you want to save money by repairing your xbox360 by yourself?
  • Are you looking for guaranteed results?

If You Said “Yes” to anyone of the above question, then You’re in the Right Place!  KEEP READING!!

There are a lot of common problems that a lot of people tend to face with their Xbox 360. A lot of people want to repair these problems all by themselves but the problem is that they are unable to find a good Xbox 360 Repair Guide.

Why should you repair your Xbox 360 by yourself?

You have an option to send it back to Microsoft to get it repaired for you, but it will cost you too much. But if your Xbox 360 is under warranty, and you are willing to pay the shipping charges of %140, then you can opt this choice. Keep in mind that you will have to wait for weeks and may be for months to get it back refurbished. Even if the Xbox is under warranty, you still have to pay for the return shipping charges which will at least cost you twenty five dollars. You have a great headache, thinking of how you should pack it safely and secure it for the long journey.

You find that the green light has just turned to red and you assume that now your good days of playing the Xbox games are over unless you find someone to repair the Xbox 360 console for you.

In this situation, you must be looking for some quick fix for the Xbox console to get rid of that frustrating red light problem.

So What is a solution or Option for you?

If you are just left with no option, the final option that you are left with is to disassemble the console yourself and fix it fast, at your own. It is nothing new that you are going to do. Since the Xbox 360 first came out, gamers have been doing this at their own. I know what you are thinking right now?

You have no clue how to do it and you don’t want screw it up. I totally agree with you but its not that hard either. Just in case if you have missed that video, here it is again:


Was that really hard to open the console? Its dam to easy, right?

Just imagine, if you will get a complete guide like this to guide you step by step through every process to fix your xbox 360, wont you be able to do it easily by yourself?


Are you rich enough to pay $140 to Microsoft for this repair?. Well, I know what you are thinking right now that cost would be very high if you will send it to Microsoft.

Well, i was in the similar situation few months back when i got 3 RED light issue in my XBOX 360 and i was like DON’T RUIN MY GAMING EXPERIENCE!!!! For God sake!!!


I found a solution in the form of James Dean’s XBOX 360 Repair Guide.  I know some of you might be thinking that ok here go, this is just another product to sell some crappy guide which never works for anyone. To be very honest, this is what i was thinking too when i first saw it.
But you know what really pushed me to give it a try? Guess what!

IT OFFER 60 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and if you get it now it will just cost you just $29.95. 


Just imagine, if you would send to Microsoft, you would pay $140 plus shipping and handling charges and here you are not paying even one third of it and getting a 60 days money back guarantee. If you will not be satisfied with it, you can return it and get your money back but I am sure it will work for you because it has worked for me and this has encouraged me to write about it to help everyone around me.

Give it a try – you have money pack guarantee, you will never lose your money.

Well it has helped lots of people,  if you are still not satisfied and want to see how it works, have a look at this following image tutorial:


Now you have got a clue about what you will get after purchasing this product, let me quote exactly what Jame Dean says about money back guarantee. Just to make you clear that I am not just saying it to sell this product.

After using  this XBOX 360 repair guide, here is one of my friend who created this video testimonials for James Dean. I am sure after using this guide, you will create a testimonial for me too :)