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How To Find Your Xbox 360 Kernel Number – “Can My Xbox Be JTagged?”

This video is a simple tutorial on how to find your Xbox 360′s Kernel number. Brought to you by New Repair. Read below to check if your Xbox 360 qualifies to be JTagged. KERNEL VULNERABILITY: 8498 and Higher – Any console with a kernel 8498 and higher have been patched to stop the hack. 7371 and lower – Any console with the 7371 kernel or a lower version of the kernel are most likely vulnerable to the hack. 7363 & 7371 – These are the “iffy” kernels. With these kernels you have to dump your NAND to make sure that you have a vulnerable CB. Some consoles with this kernel already have the patch applied to them and cannot be JTagged. This would be if the console was repaired or manufactured since June/July of that specific year. If repaired or manufactured before that, it should be exploitable. NOTE: The Xbox 360 in this video is not JTagg-Able. Although you will be able to find your Kernel number the same place. If you have this Kernel number, or any lower Kernel number, your Xbox 360 is eligible to be JTagged. STEP BY STEP: 1) Go to dashboard. 2) Find “My Xbox” tab. 3) Scroll to the right and click “System Settings” 4) Click “Console Settings” 5) Scroll down and click “System Info” 6) At the top right of the page under “Current Settings” is where you Kernel number is displayed. 7) The four number interval following two numbers and points, found before the last point and number is the important info. For related products and info visit us at: www.NewRepair.com (Coming Soon
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Returned Xbox 360 E74 ERROR

RATE Before you LEAVE plz :D I paid nothing 4 the repair. All I hade 2 do was 2 find a box big enough 4 the Xbox 360. I sended it away with UPS, 2 jan and got it back 10 jan. = 1 Week and 1 day IMPORTENT.! DON’t SEND XBOX 360 FROM ITS ORIGINAL BOX ( Xbox 360 BOX wish it was in when you bought it ). THEY WILL TOSS IT AWAY AND REPLACE IT WITH A DELIVERING BOX 4 THE DELIVERY!! What 2 do when you get ERROR, E 74, 3 Red Lights or what so ever.. 1. Remove all the cabels from the console and write down the serial numbers. 2. Visit Xbox 360 and find a phone number 2 call them and give them all the info they want. They will tell if you still have a warrant or not. 4 a free Xbox 360 REPAIR the Xbox 360 must have a still breathing warranty ^^ otherwise be ready 2 hand out money if you now want 2 fight about it. gL m8′s !!!!!! —————————————————————- Some other INFO: YEAH my cover on the Xbox 360 is awsome so that means I’m a HALO fan ^^ Got a character named ” SPARTNgoesFIRST ” 4 u Halo friends out there. Search and write 2 me at www.bungie.net! This video is 2 help other with their Xbox Issues so take ur time and read others sudgestions and ask me 4 more information I’d be more then happy 2 Assist you TY!!!!!!! [[[[ A LAST THING )))))))))) It’s my brother who is playing Piano, he got a profile here 2, named ” Tyypaleex ” he will more then gladly show you more of his skills. ANd ty 4 ur respawns

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