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How to Fix Circular Scratched Xbox 360 Games, CDs, DVDs, Games, Blu-rays using Lip Balm(Will WORK!)

You CANNOT damage your disc using this. It can only help! =) Please test the disc before you try this so that you can tell if anything has changed after doing this =) Before you give me a thumbs down because this didn’t work right off the bat, *Please* *Please* *Please* consider the possibility that your disc is/was already just really badly scratched *before* you give up and give this a thumbs down…as is said in the video, u might try repeating the process a couple times to see if it improves. Just make sure you wipe off all excess lipbalm each time! If you have a question not answered here, or just want to say thanks, feel free to leave a comment! Thumbs up if this helps you out so others will know it works too =] Thanks guys! I apologize for the amateurish filming…it was like 4 years ago haha “No toothpaste, no shampoo, no bananas, no peanut butter…All you need is a cloth, some chapstick and a scratched cd…” EDIT: After some research, it seems that you may want to rub the stuff on in a side to side motion, and NOT in circles…idk if it is true, but, supposedly that can make it worse, so, i’d recommend rubbing it in in straight lines across the cd/dvd…BUT, i have yet to ruin a cd doing it the way it is in the video, so, im just throwin that out there… leave ratings and comments!! Subscribe too!!! How dvd drives work: electronics.howstuffworks.com (lasers are used for reading any and all media discs, [except harddrives], THEREFORE, CHAPSTICK CANNOT RUIN A
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