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Refurbished Xbox 360 (Unboxing)

Hello, Today I am going to unboxing a refurbished Xbox 360 from Gamestop. I got 2 of these, sadly the second one has the Red Ring of Death. Just like my old Xbox 360, that’s why I bought new ones. Or refurbished for that matter. The 2 Xbox’s that I received weren’t the HDMI version’s. Overall I was quite upset that a refurbished Xbox 360 had the Red Ring of Death from the get-go. But oh well, just be careful when buying these. Also another thing to add is that the Xbox’s came with no HDD’s. But, they did come with Wireless Controllers and one came with Component Cables while the other came with standard AV Cables. Thanks for watching, chargefun34
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Got my Refurb GS 360 a while back, it’s awesome! 0, how could you go wrong?

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