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XBOX 360 game console repair: we got it done!

www.sandiegopchelp.com We performed a hardware repair of Sarah’s xbox 360 and she sent us this very kind video testimonial. Thank you! (Note although she is local to San Diego, we do offer nationwide mail-in service)

So I randomly got the infamous Red Ring of Death one day after already having repaired my Xbox. I thought this was pretty random, so I followed the instructions to determine what the error was (the sync/eject button feature) which gave me the error “0 0 0 1.” I looked it up, and it claimed it was the power supply. I take a look, notice it’s orange LED is, well, orange instead of green. I get curious as it looks fine, I pick it up, and out of no where- A swarm of ants begin to invade my hand! Looks like these suckers just loved the heat so much they decided to call it a home. I dropped it and the ants began to scatter around and eventually make their way back in. I wonder if this is covered under warranty. (San Diego, CA is notorious for ant infestations in the most random locations. We’ll find them in printers, scanners, power supplies, TVs, computers, and more. So, it was no shock to spot these suckers in my power supply that sits idly against a wall. (The perfect location to make a colony trail to invade the house.)

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