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Xbox 360 Repair & Tech Support Problems

* I PAINTED THE CONSOLE AFTER I SENT IT IN * * It was UNMODDED & UNTOUCHED when it broke, and when I sent it in – I was screwed by MS * ** Don’t even reply if its going to be negative, or i’ll report it. IT WAS UNMODDED BEFORE I SENT IT!!! ** This is a video of the many problems I went through trying to fix my (originally unopened/unmodded) 3RLOD Xbox 360. Note: When I sent it for repair, it was UNOPENED/UNMODDED!!! I just want to let people know what happened to me and how Microsoft is treating some of their customers over the 3RLOD issues! I know I am not alone in this. Another note, when I sent in my Xbox 360, it was in near perfect condition except for the 3RLOD error, when I got it back it was all beat up!!! Please watch through the pictures too. :( I never got anything from microsoft from this!!
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