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Agile Outsourcing – Agile Offshoring – Agile Contracts Best Practices Part 1

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    Agile outsourcing can be more successful and better governed with agile contracts. Learn the best practices in agile outsourcing contracts and scenarios of agile offshoring. Get your agile outsourcing success kit – www.people10.com This video is a webinar recording of the part 1 of the 2 part series webinar- Agile contracting best practices to maximize outsourcing value part held on October 31st 2012. More and more organizations are following agile software development methods to delivering early value moving away from traditional development methods. The issues they face with contracting while moving to agile outsourcing opens up numerous challenges – including conflicts between customers and vendors on scope changes, timely completion, budgetary constraints among others. In this webinar, we have addressed the pitfalls of traditional outsourcing contracts in the agile outsourcing scenario and defined the need for agile outsourcing contracts. Secondly, we have defined the different contracting models and the various scenarios in which they fit in the bill for agile outsourcing projects. Third, we have illustrated the sizing framework for software scoping that will again helping define your size of agile outsourced project. Let us know your feedback, post comments! Do share if you like. www.youtube.com
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    Mega-deal outsourcing deals–those contracts with a value of billion or more-picked up in the second quarter of 2012, according to the quarterly Global TPI Index. Five mega-deals were signed during the quarter compared with just one each in the second quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012. All five were awarded outside of the mature US and Western European markets-three of them in India and Brazil. Mega-deal activity is always fairly uneven quarter to quarter, said John Keppel, partner and president of research and managed services for outsourcing consultancy ISG, which produces the index. But the location of the awards is worth noting. “In the future we expect most new scope growth to come from emerging markets,” said Keppel, “while the US and Western Europe will generate the bulk of restructuring activity.” The mega-deals awarded by companies in the telecom, banking and consumer goods industries with a combined value of .3 billion, accounted for nearly 30% of global contract value signed during the second quarter. Four of them were entirely new deals, while one was a restructuring. Additionally, 11 mega-relationships-those with an annual contract value of 0 million or more–were initiated in the quarter, the most since 2009 and an increase of four signed the year prior and seven in the previous quarter. Keppel doesn’t expect the mega-deal activity to return to decade-ago levels of robustness. “Some mega deals in the past year, especially those that are
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