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selling on amazonOnline marketplaces have been providing spaces to entrepreneurs to market and sell their products online. However, no other platform has been as successful as amazon. The understandable reason for this success is the availability of features and proper walkthrough guides by which the businessmen are setting up their businesses and earning revenues. Although, it sounds simple but the real time story describes the fact which is more or less otherwise. While starting a business on amazon, you will first need to ensure that your product has the capability to move up in the ranks in Amazon. This way, your product will be viewed more and consequently purchased more.

Some people may think of SEO and Amazon marketing being alike but this is not true from a number of perspectives. The major difference between amazon marketing and SEO is that in SEO, the product page or business website moves up in the search engine results when it is viewed more; while an Amazon product needs to be sold more in order to get its ranking improved in Amazon platform. Nonetheless, you can use SEO techniques to get more sales but you will need to work on both of the aspects in order to make things work well for you.

To start with this composite marketing strategy, you can first set up your business website. The business website supposedly contains good quality content along with the images of products you want to sell online. It is essential to have the website equipped with meta-keywords and meta-descriptions in order to make it search engine friendly. Moreover, you will also need to implement effective link building techniques to boost the incoming traffic to the website.

Next part is concerned with setting up the amazon product listing. Although the product on Amazon gets promoted when it is sold but you first need to enhance your product page with clear product description and easy to understand and clarifying specifications. Moreover, you will also need to equip the listing with search terms that people use for finding the type of product you sell. Do not forget to add multiple images of your product in the page.

After the product page on Amazon has been set up, the next thing to do is add that amazon listing to product page of your website. This way, the amazon product will have another way to get sold out. The better marketing of your website will prompt the people to view your product and hence the potential customers will buy it out. Another advantage of this type of marketing is that your Amazon product will come up in the search engine’s rankings.

If you want to start with the business of selling your products on Amazon in less time, you can apply the SEO process to promote your Amazon listing. This way, your product will have more chance to be sold out right away.

Ellis BellAmazon SEO – SEO to Market Amazon Products