Historical Actions To Users’ Timelines Can Be Posted By Facebook Apps

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Facebook announced that Open Graph apps can now enable the posting of historical actions to users’ timelines. In Facebook’s latest Operation Developer Love post on the company’s developer blog, Justin Moore writes, “Apps can post historical actions to help people fill out their timelines and/or queue up activity from an offline state. For example, a photo app can let people …

Ellis BellHistorical Actions To Users’ Timelines Can Be Posted By Facebook Apps

Google Privacy Changes

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This week, the European Union and France’s National Commission for Computing and Civil Liberties (CNIL) asked Google to pause the rollout of its new privacy policy changes. The reason? To provide time for the EU’s Article 29 Working Party, which regulates data protection issues, to investigate possible user privacy and data protection concerns. A Google spokesperson told AF Media Group: …

Ellis BellGoogle Privacy Changes

Latest Algorithm Changes By Google

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Google rolled out “Search Plus Your World” in January, but that’s not the only change they made to how they deliver search results. Not even close. If you’ve been following, you may know that Google has been putting out blog posts the last few months highlighting some of the various algorithm changes they’ve made (without giving away the secret sauce …

Ellis BellLatest Algorithm Changes By Google

Is Facebook Timeline Scaring People?

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The new Facebook Timeline is not the most popular feature that Facebook has ever introduced. Granted, it’s well documented that Facebook users are often super-resistant to change, but for some the new Timeline goes beyond minor annoyances like crowded layouts and superfluous features. For many users, it’s a real issue of privacy. For awhile now, users have been able to …

Ellis BellIs Facebook Timeline Scaring People?

Outsourcing From United States

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“Outsourcing From United States” became a popular political issue in the United States during the 2004 U.S. presidential election. The political debate centered on outsourcing’s consequences for the domestic U.S. workforce. Democratic U.S. presidential candidate John Kerry criticized U.S. firms that outsource jobs abroad or that incorporate overseas in tax havens to avoid paying their “fair share” of U.S. taxes …

Ellis BellOutsourcing From United States

Benefits Of Outsourcing

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Organizations that outsource are seeking to realize benefits or address the following issues: Cost savings — The lowering of the overall cost of the service to the business. This will involve reducing the scope, defining quality levels, re-pricing, re-negotiation, and cost re-structuring. Access to lower cost economies through offshoring called “labor arbitrage” generated by the wage gap between industrialized and …

Ellis BellBenefits Of Outsourcing