Case Studies

A business on the Internet has become one of the most competitive fields to succeed, let alone gain traction and grow. AF Media Group has been able to survive this competitive environment and thrive because we are constantly changing and adapting to the times, while being faithful to the right fundamentals that keep on working. We use state-of-the-art tools to help us come up with the most comprehensive online marketing strategy that places your business and website in front of the eyes of targeted Internet searchers.

(Example 1 – An Ecommerce Website for Survival Goods)


Our primary aim is to increase traffic and conversions for your website and to develop a marketing plan around your company and market that is conducive to getting those results. To make that happen we constantly scan the market for possible opportunities to capitalize and drive your site to prominence online in it’s respective industry. It is our trademark to get our clients the highest return possible on their investment and beat out the competition in the process.
We have taken million dollar revenue websites and have grown traffic and sales by 100% in as little as 4 months. We have also taken local companies that wanted to rank for geographical search terms, and ranked for those keywords in sometimes as little as 24 hours!

(Example 2 – A Sports Nutrition Website)


At AF Media Group, we put YOU ahead of the competition and continually develop and refine our marketing abilities and skills. We do our best to keep abreast with the latest demands in the market to provide you the most excellent marketing strategies possible. With our knowledge, Internet capabilities, manpower, and resources, we can literally provide you with the best SEO services in today’s market!

(Example 3 – A Real Estate Website)


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