How to Master Creation Content in 2016

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During 2015, we’ve started to see the content marketing industry maturing and getting away from just creating content for the sake of content, and instead focusing more on the quality of the content and so started to use search and social intelligence to bring content to their sites and create effective marketing decisions. Due to the increase of content marketing, many companies have set out originally to create as much material as they could, not really thinking about the value that it could offer, and instead thinking that adding some keywords would give them the returns and conversions that they want.


However, as it got more crowded, brands started to learn how to get their content heard above everything that’s going on, and it’s a competition that causes brands to look at great content creation that is intelligent as well. Even to this day people are still struggling to get returns from their content marking, with only 20% of companies actually producing content that is important to their audience. What many need to focus on is creating intelligent content that works with their audience at the correct time.

Intelligent content will be the focus of 2016. The content marketers will create content that reaches their audience effectively. Content is the way to build up relationships, and it should allow people to think deeper and incite emotions in people. Many imagine that they base their choices off facts, but in essence the emotions and psychology is the main focus. People will remember experiences, not just the text, and the stories will resonate.

Content creation 2016

You should create content that will resonate with people, and it’s the way to get content engagement. Sure, search and social data can help with this, but you want to create the best experience for your brand. You should look and study the content that the visitors want to see, and they should also work to not only improve the engagement, but also boost the brand exposure that they have. This should also have content that engages the readers to share the content and give better metrics, backlinks, and bounce rates, which will cause a page rise in SERPs as a result.

Now, you need to also create the content that is important and resonates with social intelligent. It should work to help solve the problems of, and it should also have an objective that customers want to see and has the best success. This in turn will make it better for people to work together and it will get the content out there. Many brands have started to create intelligent content production, and in turn they develop new processes, and it does take time for people to really make it.

Overall, you should create content that is desired by the audience, and works with the target personas you want to convert. That’s the major thing many brands have to change, and it does take a bit of studying, but once you get that squared away, you’ll be able to market to the audience that you want to simply, and effectively.

Ellis BellHow to Master Creation Content in 2016