Link Building Tips for Local Businesses – Some Creative Ideas

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One of the major requirements for any website to progress in SERPs is to get inbound traffic from high authority websites. This is the basic SEO rule which tends to seem a little diverse when it comes to SEO of a local website. Posting your local website link in another local website of low domain authority can give you good results because it’s not the improvement in Google ranking that you are targeting.

Localized SEO basically tends to make the business to appear on local websites and directories in order to get clientage improved in a limited area. Hence, it is more about people’s attention in a locality rather than getting well ranked in Google.


Some tips for localized link building are as under.

  • You can get a list of few local educational institutions and entitle their alumni for special discounts. This is a great tactic of attracting more audience that would contain some sensible potential customers. You can also offer military discounts.
  • Getting your business listed in the social platforms that provide groups in localities to communicate is also an ideal solution. Websites like ‘Meetup’ can give you extensive details about groups in your locality. You can join those groups to give your business the exposure it needs.
  • You can develop a local resource page which would give people from outside of locality the information about several businesses and events in your area. It is certainly not about link exchanging with other local business websites.


  • Local businesses can get awards. You can make some research about the local business awards that your business can get. After that, you can submit your local business website for award nomination. An award will not only make your website credible but it will also list your link on several other pages.
  • Before your business opening, you might have had your business listed in several local business directories. The relationship you would have built from those directories can be leveraged for the link building of your website. You can ask your friends to publish your website link on their websites.
  • For your business exposure, you can interview the local figures. It’s a great way because people would like to watch the interview of their favorite personality and your business portal would be used in this purpose.

There are a lot of other ways to give your local business a sparkly exposure. You can start working on the tips mentioned above and learn further.

Ellis BellLink Building Tips for Local Businesses – Some Creative Ideas