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Amazon-SEOAmazon, being the largest hub for ecommerce, has its popularity on rise with every day passing. Whenever, we talk about selling or purchasing any item online, the first option that we consider is to go to amazon. With that said, we can sense that amazon may have a big competition going on within as every type of item in this marketplace is sold by countless sellers. Hence, in order to be a successful seller on amazon, one needs to beat the competition for the sake of being among the top sellers.

Since Amazon is an ecommerce hub and it needs to give the viewers the product suggestions, it also serves as a search engine. However, the parameters of showing the search results are different in case with the Amazon. Search engines show the websites, against search queries, based on rankings that have the direct concern with quality of content of the website. The better is the quality of content, the better rank that website would attain. Amazon also shows products based on their rankings but those rankings aren’t much influenced by the quality of content. The ranking system of amazon favors the products which have more sales and have better feedback score.

As mentioned earlier, the general behavior of Amazon is that of a search engine, so one can conclude that Amazon SEO can help in improving the rank of a product in Amazon. Below are very basic tips which can help you to do better Amazon SEO.

  • When you start with Amazon SEO, the first thing you should be concerned about is uploading the high quality and clear pictures of your products. 5 – 6 images of your product would be sufficient to give better graphical overview.
  • Product specifications are very important for elaborating what your product is capable of. However, only mentioning the specs and nothing else will leave the question about quality, in the minds of readers, unanswered. For that, it is good to mention the unique benefit of every feature in the same bullet point.
  • Amazon offers you to describe your product in blogging style through its description feature. Using this feature, you can describe the background and significance of your product in a bit more detail.
  • The keyword option is also there in amazon to make your product discoverable. Unlike the keyword optimization with Google SEO, Amazon SEO doesn’t support keyword phrases and you would need to stick with the words only. Therefore, make sure that you take care of the placement of keywords in a meaningful sequence.

The main difference between Amazon SEO and Google SEO is that Amazon ranks the products with respect to number of sales and feedback scores, whereas Google or any other search engine ranks any web page or website based on quality of content and better keyword optimization.

Ellis BellMore Sales with Amazon SEO