No Whitelist for Panda or Penguin Algorithm

Ellis Bell Search Engine Optimization

If you’re thinking you’re saved from the Google Penguin or Panda algorithm, think again. John Mueller, the Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, said that there isn’t a whitelist for it. They used to have a whitelist back in 2011 for it, but the whitelist is now gone, and no nobody is safe from these algorithms.
That’s right, there is no special list that says it will be taken out of the algorithm. In some cases, they used to do that, but the algorithms of penguin and panda are not allowing any more whitelists as of right now. For many, the search algorithms, this is the case, but there are a few that might fall through the cracks.
One of them, is the individual algorithms. If there is an individual one, such as the Safe Search algorithm to help pick up words, then it might not pick up a couple of the sites listed there. For example, if you have a site that says “adult” on it, it might pass on by because sometimes the Safe Search thinks that it’s related to animals or something. This also happens vice versa too.
With the Safe Search algorithm, they are picking up some, but some are not being picked up as well. This can result in a whitelist, and it’s a problem that is starting to be fixed. Many companies are working to manually add these things, and it will help with the algorithm. It can be a sort of stopgap for this sort of thing, and it can help stop letting sites go through that didn’t fit the algorithm.
For Penguin and Panda however, there aren’t a whole lot of other sites that are passing through that. Instead, it’s capturing them right away, and it can be something that will help many sites become classified in different ways. That way, the site isn’t coming off as problematic, and it can continue to function without any other issues attached to it.
What this means for many, is that they are being put in the correct algorithm. If you’re wondering about the traffic to your site, and if it’s going through these different algorithms correctly, well if you’re using Penguin and Panda, they are. However, if you’re using Safe Search, it might not be going through correctly, so your site might be caught in the fray in that case. It’s being worked on, and if you’re the type who is wondering about the content of your site, then it’s important to make sure that you understand the importance of these algorithms. The algorithms are the ones in control of making these decisions, and there isn’t a whitelist for the Panda and Penguin ones that might be culled into being thrown into different categories.
This can be a godsend for some, but it can also be an issue for many, as some people might have to rethink their SEO strategies because of this. Knowing about it though, allows people to make the changes needed in order to improve the system, thereby increasing the productivity as a result of these various changes implemented.

Ellis BellNo Whitelist for Panda or Penguin Algorithm