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Please Share it if you like it! SEO Content Writing What if you could have visitors… ready-to-buy visitors, flock to your site, to your landing page and to your video? (Like you just did with mine?) What if they went to your webpage or watched your video, and they were compelled to take action? And in most cases, that meant to “buy?” As a client of mine recently said “SEO content writing today remind me of the auditions on American Idol. The contestants all THINK they can sing…” LOL So true. Don’t you agree? My guess is you’ve probably used SEO content writing professionals before. And more times than not, they’ve left you wanting more. Or they’ve flaked on you entirely. Or bailed under the pressure. Candidly, that just makes everyone in the SEO copywriting services profession just plain look bad. Collectively, we have egg on our face. Granted some ARE good at the SEO element. But they leave much to be desired when it comes to writing truly compelling copy. (Or even writing at all.) ;) Others in the SEO content writing profession are competent at copywriting, but trying to structure their copy so that the search engines love their writing and rank it favorably, remains a complete mystery to them. These professionals often resent “writing for the search engines.” They’re being elitist. And missing the big picture. I’m lucky. I’ve been apprenticed with the best search engine optimization specialists in the world. These are people who work online day in and day out in some of the
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