SEO Link Evaluation Parameters

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Online marketing gets huge influence from SEO. When we talk about SEO, it’s a process or strategy that can bring online traffic to your links which contain business content. Hence, you can consider the link a major KPI in your marketing campaign.

Link Evaluation Parameters

The major aspect that plays an important role in your marketing campaign is your link’s worth which is directly related to the quality. In other words, the only way to get success in online marketing is to make sure that quality of your link is good. With that said, you must know about the techniques for link evaluation.


Link Evaluation

Basic attribute of a good quality link is not its linkage to the maximum number of other sites. It is rather concerned with link’s connection with high authority and trustworthy websites. With Penguin update expected this year, the business owners may have very less time to clean up the links by removing or renouncing the sites’ linkage to low authority websites.

It can only be done after successful link evaluation process which includes following steps.

  • First thing to consider is the relevance between your website and the source which gives inbound traffic. It means that if your website is receiving traffic from several websites which do not have anything in common with your website, you are most likely to see your site in the bottom of rankings.
  • Better user experience is one of the most important factors which make your website worthwhile. Link evaluation from this perspective requires you to analyze the level of popularity of your website. An overall good design and attractive and informative content are the features which you will need to take into the account in this aspect of link evaluation.
  • As stated earlier, trustworthiness of your website depends upon the sources of traffic. If your website receives signals from high authority websites, you can expect Google to raise your authority as well. To check these signals, there are tools like Domain Authority and Page Authority from Moz, and Trust Flow and Citation Flow by Majestic.
  • Technical elements play an important role in increasing or reducing the quality of links. These technical elements are Alt Attribute, Nofollow, Robots.txt, redirects, javascript, page location and anchor text.


Google updates have been making it difficult for the websites with bad quality links to survive. With the help of link evaluation techniques mentioned above, you can get an overview about correction that your website may require.

Ellis BellSEO Link Evaluation Parameters