Why Af Media Group Stands Out

What makes Af Media Group stand out from a sea of monotony? It boils down to a concept that has helped define our
direction and create our success: the greatest results are generated at the perfect intersection of
technology and human expertise

At Af Media Group, we embrace cutting-edge technology and indeed, our proprietary EssentialPPC platform is
industry-leading – but it is technology combined with our immensely talented team that allows our
clients’ campaigns to outperform their competitors and steal market share.

Expert Management You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Our account managers manually optimize your campaign with the results provided by Af Media Group’s technology platform.
Being able to pull vast amounts of analytics is a worthless effort unless the data is reviewed and used to
improve your results. An algorithm can quickly determine that one PPC ad is outperforming another, but inherently
fails at suggesting a third ad that will outperform both.

When you work with Af Media Group, we become an extension of your company; a team of PPC, SEO and Social Media experts
that know your industry and company like the back of their hand. Our results speak for themselves, but we
share in the joy of your success. This is the reason why our clients rave about us and our client retention
rate is an amazing 96%.

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