Email Marketing Management

EmailWith SEO and PPC on the rise, it has become a trend that people expect results that come from higher rankings or paid searching. Email marketing usually gets overlooked in this scenario, without realizing the amount of benefits it can deliver. The amount is likely to be a lot bigger in most of the cases. Our Email marketing management system is fully dedicated to get what an ideal Email marketing campaign can deliver, to help you make the your current clientage better and future clientage ensured.

Our Email Marketing Campaign

  • Audition of Email Marketing in depth
  • Coding and Copywriting, Email Design
  • Setting up and Relocation of ESP
  • Planning and creation of strategy
  • Sending Promotional Emails
  • Sending Lifecycle Emails
  • Sending eNewsletter Emails
  • Segmentation of lists
  • Management and List Growth
  • Testing of A/B & Multivariate
  • Scrubbing and Hygiene of Ongoing List
  • Integration of Analytics and Data
  • Testing of deliverability and testing
Ellis BellEmail Marketing Management