Significance of Amazon SEO and Its Dependence on Google SEO

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IT-DegreeWhen we talk about Amazon SEO, most of the internet marketers, whose marketing strategies depend upon Google SEO, might think of amazon’s working to resemble Google’s ranking system. Nonetheless, besides the sharing of basic concept of marketing businesses online, there is a huge difference between both these platforms. However, Amazon SEO may ask for significant favor from Google when effective marketing of a product is required. To elaborate this concept, the working of both these platforms from the perspective of SEO is explained in this short note.

Factors that can help an Amazon Product to move up in Amazon Rankings

Below are some on-page factors to help your product in catching Amazon’s attention.

  • Image: For image addition, you will be given a number of slots where you can insert the images of your product, covering different angles. Here, you will have to make sure that you are using the images with white backgrounds. Moreover, the image size should not be less than 1000 x 1000. Additionally, the images should not have any kind of text written in its area. These are the image guidelines that you must follow while uploading the product pictures.
  • Bullet Points: Second to come is the bullet points. Bullet point option basically helps you to describe the specs of your products and it would be better if you mention the benefit of every feature in the same bullet point.
  • Description: Product description is an important section in every Amazon product page. This option helps you to explain a little background and significance of your product in blogging style. A clear and interesting description of your product may lure a visitor to become a customer.
  • Keyword: The vital part of any SEO campaign is the keyword. Amazon SEO is also benefitted by keywords which you mention in the product listing but the behavior of this feature is not the same as that of keyword optimization for Google. Furthermore, Amazon doesn’t give much importance to the keyword phrases; instead it relies on individual words. Hence, you will need to be cautious while placing keywords.

A worth memorizing fact regarding Amazon SEO is that Amazon promotes only that product page which would have more sales and more positive feedback.

Google SEO and Amazon SEO

If we take a look at Google SEO, we will find it entirely different as compared to Amazon SEO. Amazon SEO has some limitations. For example, if we put some light on the feedback factor, you can see that sellers with more positive feedback score emerge at the first page while the sellers with less feedback score end up being at 2nd or 3rd page even with equal number of sales. Moreover, the keyword optimization also doesn’t have much influence while doing Amazon SEO. On the other hand, Google SEO is based on quality of content and better keyword optimization. Google SEO offers wide range of options in optimizing any kind of content and keywords.

The major point in this scenario is to use Google SEO intelligently in order to enhance sales on Amazon. If your Google SEO campaign is strong enough to bring the website on first page, you can market your Amazon product on that website. With this kind of marketing, you can have potential customers coming to view your Amazon product and they may buy it after getting convinced even though your product is not on the front page.

Ellis BellSignificance of Amazon SEO and Its Dependence on Google SEO