If you want to get the internet traffic boosted on your website, QuickList is the convenient and affordable option you can utilize. QuickList basically comprises PPC campaign. The factor which makes the real difference is that this campaign results in better visibility and increased internet traffic on a website in much lower cost. Using QuickList, you can manage a paid search campaign in the price of small business marketing campaign.

QuickList helps in managing a paid search campaign on Google, and this campaign is basically associated with the business related keywords. Out account manager will be the one doing research on your business and the associated factors like business nature, competition and location. These traits help in setting the campaign strategy. In the next step, the development of campaign is conducted. This step also involves development of a variety of ads and targeted keywords. This complete campaign would be capable of attracting the potential clients as soon as it is activated.

Main Features of Quicklist

  • Steadfast Supervision: AFMediaGroup is keen to provide personal support to the clients in order to enable them to take part in the campaign customization. The account manager for each campaign is responsible to report to the client and get instructions to make customizations.
  • Analysis and Research of Keywords: At AFMediaGroup, we perform effective keyword research with the help of key research tools. It is to ensure that every campaign incorporates the best possible keywords to target the search queries in best possible way.
  • Periodic Analysis: We are also enthusiastic to run analytic testing at regular intervals to keep a check on the performance of campaigns. With this testing, we intend to increase the income through campaigns while decreasing the cost per conversion.
  • Compatibility between Landing Pages and Ads: The compatibility between an ad and landing page is highly essential. This is the reason that our experts manage the campaign and analyze landing pages in a way that potential client is shown only the appropriate landing page matching with the ad that is clicked.
  • Control and Limpidity of Accounts: The QuickList makes it extremely easy for you if you want to view the status of your campaigns with the help of Account transparency. You would also have complete control on the budget of your campaign and hence you can control the expenditure on campaigns.
  • Consultation and Reporting of Campaigns: You will get complete report about your PPC campaign every month. You can also discuss about the campaign status with your account manager so that you would get complete understanding about the efforts being made to make your business profitable.
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