Things That Have Changed from SEO’s Perspective

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Any change in Google’s algorithm causes great frustration for website owners who just start seeing the rank of their websites getting improved. It is, therefore, important that pace of SEO process would be fast, but it should be in right direction.

Every Google’s update comes with only one purpose; i.e. making SERPs truly result oriented for users. If you are able to implement SEO by focusing this Google’s trait, you can certainly get success. Here are some of the points which are worth considering in this concern.


  • For Google, the person who enters search queries is always the VIP. Every update in Google’s algorithm focuses on providing better results to the searcher. Therefore, you need to think the Google’s way if you are willing to make your SEO strategy successful.
  • A few years ago when Google SERPs used to be dominated by spam websites, Google usually seemed to give just an instruction to SEOs, advising them for creation of better content. Nevertheless, Google has now taken complete charge and it, now, dictates the websites by leaving no way for them other than having the good quality content.
  • Since Google’s approach now involves promotion of authentic content, it considers social signals as a valid proof of genuineness. There is more chance for any content that is being shared on social media to acquire search engine’s attention.
  • A couple of years ago, the off-page SEO, particularly back linking, started to seem losing its importance. Nevertheless, the consistent tweaks in Google’s algorithm have raised the status of this important SEO aspect once again. Now, the back linking is more about inbound and outbound traffic between high authority domains and money sites.
  • A newly added prospect for search engines is the mobile audience. The number of mobile internet users is consistently on a steep rise. This scenario demands the SEOs to take mobile internet user’s domain into equal consideration. You can raise your website’s chances to be seen by reasonable audience by developing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) or fast loading pages.

The current foundation of SEO doesn’t seem to change in the near future as Google has integrated some algorithmic programs in its core system. However, the evolution process is likely to go ahead.

Ellis BellThings That Have Changed from SEO’s Perspective