Our Technology

Technology-PlatformThere are two different matters you need to take into the consideration in order to make the marketing campaigns successful. You need to extract authentic information about the traffic on ads every day. And the second, there should be a good way to analyze that information for the development of better marketing strategies.

Considering this task as perplexing is a sarcasm. We, at AFMediaGroup, are well aware of consequences of dealing this matter with even a minor miscalculation and therefore, we always keep our calculations precise in order to work for the client satisfaction. Our past experiences and our daily tasks help us get the best value from the data we collect.

Although, the technology and tools we use are quite capable of helping us develop things to be technically sound but we also enable more human interaction. For this, we use the services of experts only. The reason that an algorithm can only tell what is right and what is not, but a human can reason in several different ways and can suggest alternate solutions.

Our Technology Platform

The reason for our success is the platform which is based on several tools. With the help of this platform, we get several tasks done with precise calculation. Some of the tasks are mentioned below:

  • Keyword research and keyword generation
  • ROI, click and conversion tracking
  • Multi-carrier tracking through social media, PPC, offline campaigns, SEO and media buying.
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